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aXs Info Software

 aXs Info Software packs a punch. This is an up to date software written on the .net foundation and Web 2.0 functionality! The thin or thick clients are feature rich and operate virtually the same so the user interface is consistent no matter where you are.

aXs Info doesn't have a ton of add-on modules as say does Oracle, IBM, or EMC /Documentum Software because many of them are included with the aXs Info full concurrent or Smart Web clients. The standard scanner interface and OCR engine could easily double or triple the price as compared to other software's making cost of ownership a key. Another fact to consider is this: if the solution costs less then support will cost less as well.

Security is a huge issue these days and has been  built into the product from the ground up so you can feel confident in knowing that your data is secure on the disk drive, while in transit to your client, or out the back door as an email to your customer, no matter where you access it. 

Southern Imaging Systems has represented aXs Info since it's inception in 2002 because of it's feature set and pricing advantage over most of the "legacy imaging solutions", on the market today. We have been able to install aXs Info at a 3:1 ratio over it's closest rival.

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