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Hosted Solutions: Product Matrix

 The LightSpeedECM product have a  matrix which consists of two categories; access and space. Unlike some of our competitors that give free access and then beat you up over your "storage footprint" or the other guys in the pay for retrieval game, our solution is extremely straightforward;  access and storage.

Access: You chose a Base System that best meets your needs. If you want to do your own scanning and indexing then you would select the Full Base System. For those of you that want a service bureau to provide those services then the Read-Only Base system would be the most economical.

After you select the base system then you determine what additional access your company or departments will need and add the appropriate mix of full and read-only licenses. In a highly transactional environment the user to license ratio is lower, in the 1:3-5 range. If you are more of a scan, store and retrieve organization with archive and disaster preparedness needs, then the ration jumps up to 1:6-8.

Space: Included in the Base System is 5GB of disk storage for your data and image files. This represents approximately 100,000 scanned images. As your storage requirements grow so does your space footprint, in blocks of 5GB each up to 30GB and then the blocks go to 10GB each.

We include Records Management and Standard Workflow as a standard feature of the LightSpeedECM solution. These easy to use tools keeps your space footprint to a minimum while and help to automate information processes throughout your organization.


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