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Document Imaging and OCR

aXs Info and LightSpeedECM provide a full featured user interface for the capture of paper documents via virtually any desktop or production scanner or multifunction device. The user interface includes batch or document scanning with built-in image clean-up or can be used with software often bundled with scanners including Perfect Page from Kodak or Virtual Re-Scan from Kofax. The net result is sharp image quality and small file sizes.

Document Imaging also allows you to sweep images into scan queues from other capture products or image sources to simplify the task of getting images and information into the system.

Once you have the images you are ready to index, apply document templates and index vales to the scanned documents for fast and easy retrieval. This is where aXs Info and LightSpeedECM really blows the doors off of any competition.... you can manually enter index data, use a lookup file for automatic indexing, use zonal OCR (optical character recognition), full text OCR, or Bar Codes! You can even use a combination of several input options to improve accuracy and speed.

Its hard to understand without actually having a word picture; so imagine you have boxes and boxes of student, patient, accounting, or any type of records to scan and index. The first thing that we would do is look for any information that has already been captured to help simplify the indexing process and ensure both consistency and accuracy.

Lets take student records as an example, when a student registers at an institution he or she is assigned a student ID# which is associated with their first and last name and perhaps a date of birth. This information resides in a database which can easily be queried and a lookup file generated. In the aXs Info and LightSpeedECM configuration under the document temple, student records, we point to that lookup file and match or map your indexes to the data fields in the file. So now we are ready to index....

Open the scan queue, select a batch and the first page of a student's record pops up on your screen. Select the document template, "student record" and the index fields pop up on the right. Now enter the student ID# and touch F5 and the system automatically looks to the lookup file and fills in the student's first and last name and their date of birth.

Add zonal OCR to the mix and you simplify the process even more. The way it works is, using your mouse, you rubber band a frame around the student ID#, point at the student ID# index field and touch enter. The OCR software converts the image of the number into text of the number and enters it into the space. Touch F5 and the rest of indexes are filled in. The student record has been indexed and stored with a click of your mouse and two key strokes.

For more information about this or any feature of the aXs Info and LightSpeedECM solution give us a call.       

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