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Southern Imaging Systems is pleased to offer the power of aXs Info as a service, LightSpeedECM! Built on the .net platform and utilizing smart client technology, aXs Info delivers a full function client via the web which includes; scan, OCR, import, store, retrieve, integrate, view, e-mail, print, and workflow.

There are no problems with competing active X controls, it's not limited to converting everything into PDFs, it automatically updates itself when you login and the rich user interface is exactly the same as the desktop client.

Cornerstone to this product offering is it's ability, out of the box, to integrate with all of your desktop applications with a couple of clicks of a mouse. Imagine sitting at your desk and you receive an email regarding an issue with a specific invoice number and you simply highlight the number, touch a function key, and up pops a document or list of documents related to that number via a secure connection to your LightSpeedECM database and repository. Now let's assume the retrieved Bill of Lading not only shows that Fred Thompson signed for the invoiced materials but for the correct amount. You simply email the BOL to your customer and at that time you could also ask when to expect payment.

More information to come. In the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call or contact us


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