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The Corner at SIS

The Corner is a metaphor for "where I'm at"! It's a place where I can say it as I see it. With 30+ years in this business starting with Micrographics and Records Management and evolving to SaaS and Integrated Enterprise Content Management. Its been a great journey and I'm looking forward to the next "paradigm shift" another buzz phrase from the past.

Outsourcing your Enterprise Content Management solution 

Grid lock sucks! With all of the news about one bail out after another and the trillion word bounced around as if the zeros aren't going to fall off makes one wonder.... is there a bail out for me. The answer simply is NO! You have to do with what you get and make it go a little further.

Often enough, and rightfully so, that means that you have to live within the budget you're given to get the job done. I'm all about protecting the jobs of those faithful employees around me but when push comes to shove instead of a new hire I'd look at outsourcing as a very viable option. Especially when it comes to the clerk kind of tasks you don't want to pay a head hunters fee to fill. Why not employ an expert already trained to do the job right?

By outsourcing not only can you control the specific dollars and response time but you can also control the quality. Lets say you have an office or warehouse full of boxes and file cabinets of accounting documents and an edict to get them into the system. Not only that but you have to create a disaster preparedness plan and have a duplicate off-site copy of all corporate accounting information. To add insult to injury you have a tightened budget to work with that doesn't include another employee. What do you do .... Outsource!

Not just anywhere but with a company that has your best interests in mind, your security, and is ready and willing to provide customer service you can't believe. OK you guessed it and yes this is a push for Southern Imaging Systems. We are Americans doing the job others don't want to do and we speak English. If you outsource with us we'll provide remote and secure access to your data during the conversion process. What that means is you don't even need to get IT involved or buy software or hardware and for a small fee we'll import the data and images directly into your in-house ECM solution if you have one.

Bottom line is you have to do what you got to do to get the job done and if that takes thinking outside of the four walls then do it. Do yourself a favor and look into it with a local service bureau or Southern Imaging Systems. On-line secure access is an added benefit that really makes the difference between the scan to CD crowd and the professionals that provide end to end backfile and conversion solutions with LightSpeedECM.

If you don't have an in-house, Integrated, ECM solution then let's talk about that as well. We will be delighted to listen, understand and craft a solution that meets your specific needs. If we don't have a solution for you we will do the research to find the information that you need to make an intelligent decision.

Thank you for your time and interest.

David Parr is President of Southern Imaging Systems, Inc.

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