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SISDocs is our quarterly, fast read, news letter sent to those individuals and organizations interested in objective views and opinions regarding Enterprise Content Management and the alphabet soup of acronyms that define it. We try to inject a bit of humor, keep it basic, but it is our sincere desire to educate. We also include a number of articles published by others that might be of interest as well and keep it interesting.

So if you're just starting to investigate document imaging and enterprise content management systems, there's a lot to learn and there aren't many sources of basic information. If we can help you better understand the technology and its benefits, you'll make a better informed decision. As a result, you'll probably be a more satisfied user of the technology, which means everyone in the industry wins.

Click on the link and leave your email address and we will add you to the growing list of the interested. SISDocs@southernimaging.com We don't do anything with your request other than add you to the SISDocs mailing and if you remember please enable sisdocs@southernimagingcom and southernimaging.com as trusted in your browser.

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