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SITF installs aXs Info on every desktop

Subsequent Injury Trust Fund, a division of the State of Georgia, has recently installed aXs Info, a industry leading integrated ECM solution, on every desktop! A push for improved employee efficiencies and customer service is driving them quickly towards a paperless environment.

The fact that aXs Info integrated with their core in-house, Oracle based, SITF application right out of the box has made it easy for employees to adopt. Employees even print directly into aXs Info saving not only trees but time! Email and spreadsheets can be stored with only two or three clicks of the mouse.

Another reason for the quick adoption of aXs Info is the instant availability of content. SITF has outsourced a significant portion of their backfile conversion to Southern Imaging Systems. Not only do they pick up the boxed documents on a weekly basis but they import the converted data and image files weekly as well. 


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